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One School, One Book
One School, One Book
Our entire school is reading this amazing classic. Each student and faculty member have their very own copy to add to their personal library. It is the perfect book to highlight our school-wide theme of FRIENDSHIP.
Image: Follett Solutions/Titlewave
  • Michelin Friends "Rock"!
    Michelin Friends "Rock"!
    TES has great leaders who practice the 7 habits and in turn are great friends to others. Twenty-six of TES students shared with our Michelin Friends what being a leader and being a friend is all about.
Terrific Kids!
Terrific Kids!
We are excited to recognize our February Terrific Kids! These students have been chosen by their teacher as someone who exemplifies COMPASSION. The following students are our TERRIFIC KIDS for the month of February: Bentlee Speed, Amber Jolley, Sydnei Shaw, Jhordynn Dendy, Samantha Walton, Siena Kibilko, Aaron Alexander, Matthew Thompson, Brogan Carroll, Emma Polston, Garrett Hendrix, Austin Colcolough, Grayson Cobb, Dylan Whitaker, and Natalie Parks.
Leaders of the Month!
Leaders of the Month!
TES students do a great job of incorporating the 7 Habits into their day at school and in the community. For February we would like to recognize students who did a fabulous job with Habit 5: Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood...Listen with your Heart.
Congratulations to: Aubree Watson, Annabell Nimmons, A.J. Collins, Jaden Osterling, Cameron Bennett, Ema Donald, Travis Theis, Emma Price, Riley Dixon, Hunter Pointer, Alexander Lopez, Jackson Egglestone, Sam Moore, Lane York, Noah Jablonski, Jayden Osgood, Matthew Chapman, Hattie Baker,Aaron Alexander, Gaines Buchanan, Rebecca Dobbins, Landon Keener, Autumn Wood, and Lilly Whitehead.

  • TES Archery Team
    TES Archery Team
    Good luck to this fabulous group of students as they compete and represent TES!
    James Scully, Austin Colcolough, Jerrian Pressley, Cameron Rush, Bryson Gilstrap, JT Robinson, Caeden Kolb, Brett Carroll, Gage Curry, Destiny Moore, Alex Bryant, Carissa Evans, Garrett Ray, Logan Thrasher, Hunter Pointer, Coach Laven, Gracen Maroney, Yanci Price, Tori Jones, Taylor Richardson, Haden Beasley, Trent Garner, Coach Kelly, Kaitlin Callahan and not pictured: Gaines Buchanan, Emma Polston
  • Riverside Middle School Archery Team Members: Ambria Scully, Sage Hollis, Noah Jablonski
  • Spelling Bee Winner
    Spelling Bee Winner
    Congratulations to Ava Alexander! Ava will represent TES in the county Spelling Bee.
  • Spelling Bee Runner-up and Winner
    Spelling Bee Runner-up and Winner
    Great job to Brett Carroll, runner-up and to Ava Alexander, winner.
  • Spelling Bee Contestants
    Spelling Bee Contestants
    We are so proud of all of our classroom representatives! They are ALL winners!
    Ashlynn Whitfield, Lacey Nadolny, Maia Donald, Tess Gosnell, Ambria Scully, Sam Moore, Brett Carroll, Noah Jablonski, Ava Alexander
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