Teacher of the Year
TOY, Olivia Gay

Congratulations to Coach Rus Laven, Townville's Teacher of the Year! Coach is a favorite among all students, staff, and the Townville community. He goes above and beyond in every endeavor - the list of all that he plans and organizes for TES is too long to list! Make sure you thank Coach the next time you see him for his devotion, his skill, and his love for our students. We love you, Coach Laven!

Support Employee of the Year
SEOY_Stephanie Edwards

Congratulations to Pam Banks, Townville's Support Employee of the Year! Mrs. Banks is the assistant in our 4K program. Mrs. Banks gives her all in everything that she does. She is one of the most positive people that you will ever meet! Our 4k students as well as our entire Townville family love her smiles, her encouraging words, and her HUGS! We love you, Mrs. Banks!